101touch – Keyboard of the future is coming!


The keyboard of the future is coming and it lacks physical keys.

101touch is a new product coming in 2015, currently in Kickstarter mode, this device has the opportunity to change keyboards forever.  The display like keyboard is completely customizable, adapts to many languages, and can completely change it’s format based on use.


The keyboard runs on Android OS, packs 16GB of storage, for future updates, skins, layouts and customizations.  Imagine turning on night mode or saving bookmarks right on your keyboard.

While I have some doubts that everyone will adopt this technology, we have to remember that 5 years ago, most people said the same thing about the smartphone with tactile keys.


101touch can be plugged in via USB, or matched wirelessly via Bluetooth and has a planned shipped date of November 2015.


This keyboard is compabitle with MS-DOS, Windows, Linux, OS X and BIOS.

Are you ready for this keyless keyboard? Sound off!




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