Andromium – Turning your Smartphone into a Computer


Imagine plugging your phone into a dock turning on your monitor and using your docked phone as a computer – well that is Andromium plans to do.

Currently in Kickstarter mode with 20 days to go, this project is already more than halfway in meeting their goal with over 1,100 backers.

Andromium makes some bold promises, stating you can watch movies, edit spreadsheets, create Powerpoint – and while we can already do this via a HDMI connector, Andromium plans to make it easier to navigate and use your phone on a HDTV or monitor.

Kickstarter offers different packages ranging from $10, which just includes the software, $29 for a dock and OS, to $340 for 10 Andromium docs and apps.

Andromium is compatible with most high end phones, currently with the Samsung Galaxy series and Note series (with the exception of the S5, which will be supported via Chromecast).  In addition, Andromium will also support HTC One M8, LG G3/N5, Nexus 6, and OnePlus One (also supported via Chromecast).


Source: Andromium via Kickstarter

For more information, visit Andromium on Kickstarter.

What do you think? Is Andromium the future?

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