Angee. The Autonomous Home Security System.


If you are looking for a security system, now might be the time to take the plunge and spend some hard earned money.  Security systems which use to run upwards of thousands of dollars are going to have a hard time justifying their costs with new devices which use networks and in place cameras for security.

Case in point – Angee. The First Truly Autonomous Home Security System, only costs $299, but has many of the modern conveniences of other security systems that costs more than 4-5 times!

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First, you can skip the installation fees and install Angee yourself.  Follow the instructions above and connect with with your phone – works with both iOS (iPhones) as well as Android devices!


You will be able to see what Angee is looking at.  Further, features such as 360 rotation, motion detector, recording, streaming or sharing the video captured are additional features included in this gadget!

Angee is also inconspicuous, fitting right in within your bookcase or shelving unit.  What do you think?  Do you think this is worth $299 – I think so!

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