Are you #TeamBatman or #TeamSuperman?


Forget Hillary vs. Sanders or Trump vs. Cruz or Nutter Butter vs Thin Oreos.  This week we have a more important question.  Are you #TeamBatman or #TeamSuperman?

With the movie expected to earn $150 million in the US this weekend and over $350 million worldwide, this battle is becoming important to the DC comics franchise.  With Marvel based movies dominating the recent waves of blockbuster mega hits.

However, early reviews have been luke warm.  The Daily Beast sums it up in the title of their article: ‘Batman V Superman’ Review: Even Wonder Woman Can’t Save This Unholy Mess.  The Telegraph isn’t as forgiving, calling the movie “… the most incoherent blockbuster in years.”

While Wonder Woman might not be able to save the movie, tons of movie goers sure will.

Are you planning to watch the movie this weekend?  Are you for Batman or Superman or Wonder Woman.  Tweet us @AsianGeekSquad!




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