Cheap Apple iPhone 6S and 6S Plus Accessories


If you’ve upgraded to the newest iteration of the iPhone – congratulations!  Tweet us @AsianGeekSquad with your new phone!

If you’re looking for accessories to go with your new shiny gadget, here are a couple of things that !

For a limited time you can purchase an ArmorSuit MilitaryShield Screen Protector for $0.45, and it comes with free shipping if you have Amazon Prime.

Armor Suit

Get this screen protector for $0.45!

A) iPhone 6 or 6S – make sure to use code E6CWVN6C

B) iPhone 6 Plus or 6S Plus – make sure to use code WW7CH297

Also available are a couple of phone cases for less than $3 – courtesy of DZ-Tech creator of Digitech phone cases!

C) iPhone 6 Plus or 6s Plus Case with code IP6SSD80 will set you back $2.40.

D) iPhone 6 or 6s Case with code IP6SSD80 will cost $1.80.

Personally, I think $10 is way too much for a screen protector.  However, I don’t mind spending a little bit more money on a case to make sure it works well, then again, for $2 you can’t go wrong.




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