Cricket Wireless Offer – $100 + Free Phone!


If you are looking for an affordable pre-paid plan – NOW might be the time to act!  In addition to having the most affordable plans, you will also get a free phone (with mail in rebate), which you don’t have to use if you already have one, and $100, which is almost 3 months of cell phone plan at their most affordable plan.


All of Cricket wireless plans include unlimited talk and text as well as 2G data.  The difference you are paying for is the amount of 4G LTE data as well as unlimited international texting to 38 countries, and unlimited talk and text in the US, Canada and Mexico (these features are only available with the Smart and Pro plans).  Plans start from $40 with 2.5GB of 4G LTE data and goes up to $60 for 10GB of 4G LTE data.  You can save an additional $5 with auto-pay.

Cricket Plan


To receive the $100 bonus, you will need to have the plan for at least 45 days, you can claim your rebate via snail mail, but the fastest will be through their website  NOTE: Porting number required. Excludes ports from AT&T.  OFFER ENDS 1/7/2016.



In addition you can claim a free phone, which you will have to pay for upfront, but it is still a good deal to have, even if you are bringing over your smartphone.  If you have an AT&T phone, you will NOT need to unlock the phone since Cricket uses AT&T’s network.  If you have another GSM phone, you will have to get it unlocked.  CDMA phones will not work with Cricket.


Free Phones (with Mail in rebate):

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For 1 year of usage with the lowest plan, you will pay $420 – $100 Card = $320 year with a free phone.

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