Cricket Wireless offers better unlimited plan than T-Mobile!


The pre-paid cell phone market is heating up as carriers are offering more bang for your buck.  This time around, Cricket Wireless is directly targeting T-Mobile customers, by not only offering a “$100 bill credit for T-Mobile customers switching to the smarter wireless choice,” but also a $70 unlimited plan, aptly named, Cricket Unlimited Plan.  You can save another $5 off the $70 bill, by using Auto-Pay.

Unlimited plans are hard to come by now, unless you’re one of the people who have stuck with AT&T or Verizon with a grandfathered plan.


Most people do not use 10GB or more.  One way to save money is to see your actual usage the past 2-3 months and select a plan accordingly.  Personally, I don’t even use 3GB of LTE.  I am normally at home or work with Wi-Fi and I download all my music to my phone before going cycling or a jog.

If you’re in the market for an unlimited plan, you should check out Cricket Unlimited Plan.  Before you do, make sure that AT&T coverage in your area is good, since Cricket uses AT&T’s network.

If you’re looking for other plans – check out our Pre-Paid plans video!

To learn more, read the Press Release.




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