Dell Alienware 18 Vindicator Backpack


If you own an Alienware 18 or an older model M18xR2 – you know transporting this beast can be a hassle.

There is a solution – the Dell Alienware 18 Vindicator Backpack, but shopping online doesn’t really do this backpack justice – so we have our YouTube video (yes, I actually put the backpack on!) and here we have our photo gallery!

This backpack is pricey compared to normal backpacks, but if you want your laptop secured – this is definitely worth it.  It also comes with a pouch for your charger, which fits perfectly in the 2nd pouch.

You can fit a lot in this bag.  In the first pouch, you can easily put magazine, cell phones, iPod and snacks easily.

Weight distribution is great as well, if you fill this up and place it on the ground, it will not fall backwards or forwards!

This is currently available at Amazon (with free shipping), for less than $100.

If you are traveling by plane, this will not fit in the seat in front of you!

Do you transport your gaming laptop? What backpack do you use?




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