Get a 64GB Surface 3 for $359.99!


If you are on the market for a Surface 3 – now might be the time to take the plunge.  Microsoft is selling refurnished models of their Surface 3 line via Amazon for $359.99!  Or you can get a new one for $380.85 – also via Amazon!

Buying via Amazon does have its advantages, in certain states (including Hawaii), you do not have to pay sales tax.  In addition to free returns (within 30 days), you still get the 1 year warranty from Microsoft.


Like most Surface deals though, it will not come with the pen or keyboard.  Then again, you just saved $140.00 from the retail price.

With the prices of the Surface 3 steadily decreasing – a possible Surface 4 model may be in the works now that the Surface Pro 4 has been in the market for 6 months.

Check out Surface 3 (NEW) on Amazon!

Check out Surface 3 (Refurb) on Amazon!

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