Hub+ = Making the new MacBook port friendly!


The new MacBook.  Sexy. Sleek. Surprisingly useful keyboard. One port?!

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 4.02.13 PM

The new MacBook in gold.

I understand where Apple is going.  Most people who use a mouse along with their laptops use a bluetooth mouse (me included).

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However, what if… you need to charge your laptop (AND)

-You need external HD?
-You need to move files from a SD Card?
-Charge your iPhone 6?
-Access files from a thumbdrive?
-Add a 2nd display?
-and more!?

Now, thanks to Nonda and their product HUB+, you can solve your port problems!  Though in Kickstarter mode, the HUB+ has already met their fundraising goal with 35 days to go!


Setup with Hub+

The coolest thing about Hub+, is it isn’t only adding an additional USB port, it can also charge your iPhone 6 (even when not plugged into the new MacBook), add a 2nd display, charge 3 additional devices and more!


Ready to learn more about Hub+, click here to head to their Kickstarter page!

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