iHere 3.0 Smart Tracker


If you tend to misplace to keys or if you’re looking for a small useful gadget – look no further than the iHere 3.0 Smart Tracker by Nonda.

This small little gadget can do a lot of things!  It fits around your keyring, if you want to use it to find your keys.  Use your mobile device – whether its an Apple iPhone or Android smartphone to find whatever you attach it to, your keys, backpack or purse.


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As a small bonus, you can use it as a remote control to take a selfie, crazy, right?  Useful if you have one of those giant phablets and pressing the button while holding your phone at an angle.

iHere 3

For a limited time, get your iHere 3.0 Smart Tracker, regularly priced at $49.99 for half the price, $24.99.  As a special bonus for our readers, use code FBPROMOA to get an additional $5.00 off, leaving your total at $19.99.

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