OLO – The First Ever Smartphone 3D Printer


Technology, such as Virtual Reality, 4K HDTVs, and 3D printers, once considered to be for niche markets, is becoming more accessible to the masses.

Samsung with their $99 VR Gear, VIZIO 4K TV under $500, and now OLO, by OLO 3D is offering a 3D printer for your smartphone for a very reasonable price – starting at $79 (already sold out), now starting at $99.

Using OLO is quite simple, the device which only uses 4 AA batteries can just be placed on top of a smartphone once you have selected your design to print.  Depending on the size and complexity of the design it will take 30 minutes or more to print.


With 23 days left on Kickstarter, OLO 3D has raised over $1 million dollars, over 10 times its original goal set for $80,000.  If you are interested, just note that shipment isn’t expected until June of 2016, which is a little over 2 months away.

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