Podo – The First Stick and Shoot Camera


Now that most people have smartphones, we’re taking more and more photos, and while selfie sticks are handy to get a shot of everyone – that’s so 2014.

Want to take your photos to the next level?  Check out Podo!  In short, Podo is a camera you stick to the wall (most surfaces) and control it from your phone.


skateboard is not a full size skateboard.

This 8MP shooter not only takes photos, but also video (720p), takes time lapse shots, and sends them to your phone via bluetooth – so you’re able to share it right away.

It’s probably better if you see it in action.

This little gadget comes in 2 different colors: blue and red.  A third color will be announced now that Podo has met their stretch goal.

The Podo ranges in price from $79 to $700 (for 10 Podos).  The retail price will be $99, and you can reserve yours now via Kickstarter for $89.

Ready to back this project? Click here to head to their Kickstarter page!