Pokémon Sun and Moon available for Pre-Order for $31.99!


Now that Pokémon Go has taken over the US and the world in a short while, the Pokémon train is running full steam ahead with the availability of Pokémon Sun and Moon – now for pre-order!

Both Sun and Moon will be the latest Pokémon games since Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire were released two years ago – November 21, 2014 to be exact.

Pokémon Sun and Moon has a release date set for November 18, while that is more than 4 months away, this will be the hit game that Pokemon Go lovers will want for the holidays.

The retail price for the Nintendo 3DS game is $39.99, if you have Amazon Prime, you can save 20%, bringing your final price to $31.99 and guaranteed shipment to arrive on release day!

Pre-Order Pokémon Moon!

Pre-Order Pokémon Sun!

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