Portal: Turbocharged WiFi


Is your WiFi at home problematic?  Ignition Design Labs has a solution for you: Portal – a new kind of router.

So what makes Portal special?  Well, they have developed “spectrum turbocharger technology” which allows for greater range and coverage by providing greater access to radio airwaves.

Just think of it this way, Portal has better access to airwaves currently not being used, so think of it as a faster carpool lane.Portal

Portal comes with all the bells and whistles as well.  Everything from smartphone setup, guest network, double firewall protection, seven operating bands, ethernet ports, 2 USB ports, and more!


Portal is currently in Kickstarter with 50 days to go!  Portal is close to doubling their initial goal of $160,000.  Currently, the cheapest Portal is available at $159 for US and Canada – all of the Red special edition versions have already sold out.

If you have having issues with your WiFi and you have tried different routers, you should consider Portal.

Visit Portal on Kickstarter!




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