Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the best camera (tied with the iPhone 8 Plus)!


The Samsung Galaxy Note 8 has the best camera – along with the iPhone 8 Plus.  Both of these flagship smartphones received the top marks of 94 (our of 100), by DxOMark, a company which tests camera sensors, lenses and smartphone cameras.

The Galaxy Note 8 received top marks for “extremely fast and accurate autofocus” and received a perfect score for its photo portion of the camera test.  The Galaxy Note 8 did not fare as well in the video section, receiving a score of 84.  The iPhone 8 Plus received 96 and 89, respectively.

The biggest fault of the Galaxy Note 8, according to DxOMark, is its performance when taking video of moving images.  Another key issue is the lack of autofocus tracking in default mode.

If you are looking for a great camera on a smartphone, it looks like you can’t go wrong with either the iPhone 8 Plus or the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.  However, there are other smartphones on the horizon with the Google Pixel 2, its larger brother Pixel 2XL and perhaps the LG V30 has a shot at the top camera smartphone!

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