Smart Rope – The Jump Rope 2.0


Now that we have automated coffee makers, toasters, cars, weight scales and many other things – the next logical step – the jump rope (Note: jumping still required).

Joen Choe the genius behind the Smart Rope, has designed a great looking product – and with your help it will be ready for mass distribution in the latter part of the year.


The Smart Rope

The Smart Rope isn’t your typical jump rope.  Besides having bluetooth to sync with your phone, the handle houses its own magnetic sensor to accurately track the number of jumps you have taken.


Don’t worry, this will work with both iOS and Android, and the team is working hard to sync it with your Apple Health and Google Fit apps.


Smart Rope comes in 4 different sizes, based on your height, and comes at different price points: from $60 for the basic Smart Rope to $1,000 in case you can only jump using a Smart Rope with gold handles (hey – to each their own).


Interested? Ready to claim one for your own?  Click here to head to their Kickstarter page!




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