T-Mobile BOGO deal with Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G


BOGO – Buy One Get One Free – shouldn’t it be BOGOF? A few caveats – but a great deal for those looking for the base Galaxy Note 20 5G model.

UPDATE: This deal is NOW expired. The same deal is available but it requires a NEW LINE of service (boo!)

For a limited time, T-Mobile is running a BOGO promotion for the Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G. The best part – NO NEW LINE REQUIRED! Most promotions involving $1000 off mobile devices normally require at least 1 new line. However, if you only have one line, you will have to start a 2nd one to get this deal.

How to get this offer:
1.    Purchase a new Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G or Galaxy Note20 Ultra 5G on a monthly payment plan.
2.    Purchase a Samsung Galaxy Note20 5G of equal or lesser value on a monthly payment plan.
3.     Receive 24 monthly bill credits totaling $1000. 

Those are the official verbiage for this offer. Let’s go ahead and break this down.

  1. You have to buy both phones on their EIP (T-Mobile version of a payment plan) – to make things easy peasy with billing, you have to pay for taxes for both mobile devices up front AND for any mobile deposit (based on your credit). Depending where you live (sales tax), this could easily be $100-$200 since you are paying for $2000 worth of sales tax.
  2. You need to buy 2 Samsung Galaxy Note 20 5G – it looks like this is only for the base model. The Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G is not available for this promo. Looks like Samsung is trying to move Note 20 5G inventory.
  3. Yup – you have to stay with T-Mobile for 24 months. Basically instead of giving you the phone for free, you will get a bill credit for the monthly amount of the phone financing.

There you have it. The Note 20 5G sounds like an awesome deal now! If you need a case – check out this video – our favorite case for the Note 20.




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