T-Mobile Simple Choice (Now includes Mexico and Canada)


If you cross our borders (north or south) frequently, you may want to reconsider your mobile plan.

T-Mobile has just announced another #uncarrier move – no more roaming fees (yes, that includes phone calls, texts and data) within Canada and Mexico – as long as you have the Simple Choice plans – which starts at $50!

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Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 21.32.11


In addition to no roaming fees for Canada and Mexico, the Simple Choice plan, also includes unlimited texting and data (albeit, 2G) to over 120+ countries.

The Simple Choice plan starts at $50, which includes unlimited phone calls, unlimited SMS and 1GB of data.  You can add more data, extra $10 for a total of 3GB of 4G LTE, extra $20 for a total of 5GB of 4G LTE, and $30 ($80 total) for unlimited 4G LTE.

Screen Shot 2015-07-09 at 21.38.01


Oh yeah, you can also use unlimited music streaming on top services without using your data on T-Mobile’s network.

If you’ve been considering T-Mobile, now might be the time to make the switch!

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