The OnePlus 2 is now only $349!


The self-proclaimed Flagship killer hasn’t killed any flagships, but it has made the mid-range Android market more competitive by offering higher end specs with a mid-range price.

The 64GB version of the OnePlus 2 was originally $389 and has received a 10%+ price cut, effectively dropping its price to $349 – permanently.

This move is perhaps to compete with other smartphones in its price range which has also received price cuts.  For example, the Google Nexus 5X was released with a MSRP of $429 for the 32GB version, that has also received a price cut to $349.

To better compete with other smartphones, OnePlus has made great steps in making its device more available to the public.  First, there is no more invite system (How OnePlus 2 botched its launch!) and was the major reason why we no longer cared to own a OnePlus 2.

The OnePlus 2 does have great specs for the price and includes some high end features; such as USB-C.


Color: Sandstone Black

Dimensions: 151.8 x 74.9 x 9.85 mm

Weight: 6.17 ounces (175 g)

Operating System: OxygenOS based on Android 5.1

CPU: 64-bit Qualcomm© Snapdragon™ 810 processor with 1.8GHz Octa-core CPUs

GPU: Adreno™ 430


Storage:64 GB eMMC v5.0 (available capacity varies)

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