Top 10 Gifts under $35!


Tis the season.  The season for new shiny toys and gadgets.  Oh yeah, the holidays too with family, friends and way too much to eat.  If you’re like me, and you have a bunch of people to shop for, you should consider some of these tech-related gifts for under $35.

We couldn’t recommend items on kickstarter as they are not guaranteed to get funded nor be received before the holiday season.

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Star Wars Chopsticks!

Take my money!  Chopsticks that glow in the dark!  Enough said.

dbrand Skins

This is probably more of a self-present, since it might be hard picking the right color combination for someone, but dbrand is great in personalizing your cell phone.  Whether its an older model you want to give a fresh coat of paint, or making your flagship phone stand out differently from the rest – dbrand is a great affordable present.  The red and white combination seen here is what I have done to my Note 4 and iPhone 6 Plus.  There are many colors and combinations to choose from – pair it with a clear bumper and you’re ready to go!

Xbox One Chatpad

I am excited for the new Xbox One chatpad to come out – why? Because if you have an older Xbox One controller (without the 3.5 mm audio jack), this one will transform your controller into one – waiting for confirmation from Xbox, but since the 3.5 mm audio jack is located at the bottom of the device – surely there has to be one for the chatpad – am I right?

Anker PowerCore+

Even with batteries lasting “longer” than the past couple of years and new features, such as, fast charging and wireless charging – sometimes you just really need a powerbank.  This one is my personal favorite in regards to the size of the powerbank, the price and the amount of juice it has.  I always have one when I travel, since most of the time access to USB ports involves crawling next to a wall or being around crowded spaces.

Letton G1 Gaming Headset

This headset isn’t for everyone, but if you are a PC gamer, with a limited budget, this one gives quite a bang for your buck.  I have had mine for over 6 months and it works very well.  The sound is clear enough, while it lacks the deep base and complete immersive sound than other comparable headset has – remember this one probably cost 1/3 of the price.


What can I say about the Chromecast that hasn’t been said already?  You should have one and so should your friends and family.  #enoughsaid

DKnight Magicbox II

I don’t think there is a gadget I used more this past summer than this MagicBox, this is the newer model which runs a couple of dollars more expensive, but does provide a better quality of sound, not a huge leap, but enough to justify the increase in price.  Here in Hawaii, I spend a lot of time at the beach and this gadget is great when you want to listen to your music in a public space.  Also great for a small get together – like a picnic or a dinner party.  I am not sure if its enough for clubbing house music, but for the price you can’t really blame the speakers.


LEGO Fusion Set

I love playing this one with my nephew, though you will probably have to help the younger ones set it up with their tablet device.  Just make sure you visit the website to confirm your tablet will work before buying this one since the main selling feature is being able to play with the things you have built in the virtual world (on the tablet).  Though it says 7-12 on the box, this can be used by ALL LEGO fans!!


Innoo Desktop MultiCharger

I don’t know any family who doesn’t have less than one gadget among them, so to prevent fighting over the outlets, this multi-charger will charge 6 of your devices.  In combination of the mobile devices, tablets and other USB gadgets – yes that includes e-readers, fitness bands, and more!

Gift Cards

When in doubt – get a gift card – and if you’re not sure which gaming system they have, buy an Amazon gift card.  They’ll even throw in 1 day free shipping (crazy, right)?  Best Buy also provides gift cards with free shipping, but Amazon has the fastest shipping, or you could choose e-delivery.

Xbox $25 Gift Card

PlayStation $20 Gift Card

Amazon Gift Card

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