Top 5 Must Have Tech Accessories under $45!


Now that you have some awesome tech laying around your house, you’re going to need a few things to help you power, reuse, amplify, recharge and store your new goodies!

Whether you have an iPad or Nexus 9, an iPhone 4 or Note 4 (or all 4), you will need to charge your devices and now that most families have more than 1-2 (more like 4-6 gadgets) around the house that needs charging, our #1 pick is the best solution for you.

Sabrent 10-port allows 10 devices to be charges simultaneously (yes, that’s including rapid charging), up to 4 tablets an 6 smartphones.

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This is probably the tech accessory that is most used in my household – everyday in fact, and I even take it on trips!


Perfect for charging multiple devices!

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Now that we have charging out of the way, let’s reuse some things.  My favorite thing is this dual bay external hard drive docking station.  If you have any hard drives or SSDs laying around from upgrading your desktop or laptop, you can now use it as an external HD.

I use this one because it is easier to swap out the drives.  I have a HD for my photos, another one for my backups, and another one for videos!  This little gadget is USB 3.0 and supports up to 4TB (each port!)


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Now that you have your smartphone, and perhaps a free 60 day trial to Spotify, and a $30 cell phone plan (which includes 5GB of data), streaming music is a must, but sometimes you need extra UMMPH, when listening to your music at home.

This is where this little gadget comes in.  Yes, you can get a Beats or Jambox speaker for $200, or get this one for $29.99, yup 5,000+ reviews (4.5/5.0 stars!).


This little gadget packs sound.

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Having your gadget fully charged is quite easy when you’re at home, but if you’re on the go, sometimes finding an outlet (and waiting) can be a real b***h.  For $21.99, this gadget will charge your device.  This little gadget packs 10,000 mAh battery to recharge yours, for most phones that should be 2-3 charges!


This little gadget has 2 USB ports to charge 2 devices at once on the go!

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Finally, you’ll need something to store all of your gadgets in.  This backpack will carry your laptop, tablet, cell phone, chargers and more.

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