Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3


Unboxing the Samsung Galaxy Watch 3, 45mm, Bluetooth version in Mystic Black to be a little more specific.

This morning, I was one of the few people in line at Best Buy, to pick up my new Samsung Galaxy Watch 3. Fast forward a couple minutes later, waiting at the pick-up area, I was surprised when the Best Buy agent walked towards me with a long box.

The long box, white on the outside with very minimal design and text, reminded me a LOT of the Apple Watch packaging.

Once you open the sleek new packaging you are greeted with the watch (bands already attached) front and center. The additional items, the quick start guide, terms and conditions, and the charger are in a separate box that is stuck along the cover of the box which houses the Watch 3.

What’s included

Interesting enough, there are no additional bands. Normally, Samsung would include both sized bands (S/M and M/L), this time around – you get what is attached to the watch – that is is.

Also included is the charger, which is a mirror match of the Galaxy Watch Active 2.

If you’re interested in purchasing the watch – it is currently on sale on Amazon (click here) or if you want to buy it from Samsung, use our referral link to get 5% off your purchase. Retail price of the Watch 3, 45mm, Bluetooth version will set you back $429.99, a rather steep price hike from the Watch Active 2 which retails for $299, but you can find it online around $220.

Comparing the charger from Watch 3 vs Watch Active 2

Trying the watch on, it feels like a lot bigger watch than the Watch Active 2. It feels heavier and larger on all sides. This is how the watch looks on my wrist and just in case you’re wondering my wrist size is 6.5 inches. Hopefully, this helps you decide if the watch is a good fit for your wrists.

Alright! That’s pretty much it with the unboxing. More Watch 3 content to come – so don’t forget to follow us on social media!




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