Walmart cancelled my SNES Classic Pre-Order!


This past Friday I received a notification that Walmart was accepting pre-orders for the SNES Classic.  I normally ignore notifications, but I was playing a game of Smite and my mobile was facing me on the couch.  I immediately stopped the game – sorry for deserting – and ran to my laptop and placed my pre-order.

I’m sure most of you already know that the SNES Classic is the console to get this holiday season!  The console comes with 2 wired controllers and 21 games, including the never released Star Fox 2.  The rest of the lineup include classics, such as: Super Mario Kart, Punch Out, Donkey Kong Country, Final Fantasy III, Contra III, Super Metroid and more for the price of $79.99!

I got the email confirmation with my order number AND Walmart charged my credit card for the total amount.

I have been reading on the news that pre-orders were getting cancelled, but I was still hopeful since my order wasn’t cancelled yet.  However, Day 5 I received the dreaded email.  My order was cancelled!

Here is the official cancellation from Walmart:

While I am sad that my pre-ordered has been cancelled, I have bookmarked all of the SNES pre-order pages and I suggest you do the same.  Make sure your credit card info and address information is already saved with each website as well – just in case!

SNES at Walmart

SNES at Best Buy

SNES at Amazon

Honestly, Walmart should have honored the pre-orders based on when they were received and the number of consoles they were expected to get instead of cancelling all of the pre-orders.  Did your order get cancelled too?  Tweet us @AsianGeekSquad!




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