Watch DuckTales (2017 Reboot) 1st Episode for free!


If you are in your *ahem* 30s, watching DuckTales, Chip and Dales Rescue Rangers and the rest of the line up on Saturday morning cartoons, you should remember, DuckTales, Woo-oo!  Unfortunately, I don’t remember the rest of the song!

Fast forward a few years later and DuckTales has a reboot, with the first episode aptly named Woo-oo!

You can stream the first episode on YouTube, as a bonus, Amazon is providing the episode for free!

The first season will have 21 half hour episodes and 2 two hour-long specials.  The show has already been renewed for a 2nd season!

If you prefer to buy the episode and watch it from Amazon friendly devices – click on the link below!

Get the 1st Episode for free from Amazon!

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