Where to get the Apple Watch this Black Friday


Black Friday is around the corner and with so many deals to choose from, finding the right deal can be tricky.  However, if you’re in the market for an Apple Watch for this holiday season – you came to the right place.


On Black Friday, Target will be giving the Apple Watch a discount by way of a Target Gift Card, a $100 gift card on any Apple Watch purchase, making the base price of the Apple Watch at $249.  It is unfortunate though that you still have to pay $349 upfront, but if you have more to buy on your shopping list at Target, this will be the best deal out there on a new Apple Watch


Best Buy

Unlike Target, Best Buy will be lowering the price of the Apple Watch.  However, it is not clear exactly how much the discount will be.  The current ad shows, “Save up to $100″ on Apple Watch”, which basically means there will be a discount on all the models of the Apple Watch, but you probably will not get the $100 off on the base model – similar to Target.

Best Buy

If you don’t want to wait, you can get the Apple Watch now at a $50 discount at Best Buy, bringing the lowest price point of the Apple Watch to $299.  Best Buy will ship the item for free and you can return it until January 15, 2016.  Also there is an open-box, lowering the price further to $279, if you don’t mind an open-box product.

Apple Watch

Apple Store

This is speculation, but following patterns of previous years, Apple will more than likely either offer a discount on the Apple Watch, along the lines of $50 OR offer an iTunes gift card to offset the price of the Apple Watch.  Personally, I have found that the Apple Store does not have good Black Friday deals.


Retailers, such as Amazon or eBay may have a surprise deal on Black Friday, but this is highly unlikely.  Amazon does carry the Apple Watch, but the base price is higher than those on other retailers.  eBay may provide a deal on Apple Watch, but more than likely on refurbished units and not brand new.  Other stores; such as, Walmart, Staples, do not carry the Apple Watch.

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