Windows 10 – 10 cent sale (Movies, Games and Music)


For a limited time (2 more days), you can rent movies, buy full music albums, and download games for only $0.10 –  the caveat?  You have to use Windows 10.

If you’re running windows 10 on your laptop, just open the store and you’ll be greeted with the $0.10 sale, separated by movies, music, games and apps.

Once you buy the movies and music, you can watch or listen to them from any Windows 10 device with the same log-in, so your Xbox One, for example.



The movies are limited to rentals, with recent hits such as Spy, Max Max, Trainwreck and the new Cinderella movie.  To classic comedies, such as, Miss Congeniality and Shrek.  If you have some time, I’d suggest renting it, you have 30 days from rental to start streaming it.  Once you start streaming, you will have 24 hours to finish watching it.



The $0.10 music selection is relegated to pop, with best sellers from Fifth Harmony, Miley Cyrus, Rihanna, Katy Perry and Florence + The Machines.  There are also $0.10 songs, available which vary from day to day.  For $0.10, you can download each album to your Windows 10 device, whether its a Lumia (that’s you’ve updated), Xbox One or laptop via the music app.



If you play games on your Windows 10 laptop, check out the game selection, most of which will yield Xbox achievements.


There is a decent size selection to choose from, though to be honest, these are mostly mobile games which has made it to the Windows 10 ecosystem.  You should be able most of these on your Windows 10 phone as well.

What do you think? $0.10 a good deal? Which games, apps or music did you buy? Tweet us @AsianGeekSquad.




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