Xbox One (360) 2TB HD – coming soon!


Now that digital downloads are becoming more common and you probably have game updates (almost every week), you probably need more storage for your Xbox One (I know I do).

Microsoft and Seagate have partnered up to give you a 2TB external HD (USB 3.0 – of course).  The device comes in Xbox colors black and green and will be available soon.

If you are looking for storage options now – don’t fret.


Since Seagate is the official partner for this device, I would stick to Seagate HD for my Xbox One.  There are different options out there, such as desktop HD (which requires a separate power source, but is cheaper) and portable ones, which are smaller and lighter, with smaller storage, but doesn’t require another power outlet.

Personally, I would choose a Seagate 2TB Portable HD USB 3.0, currently priced at $84.99.  There are also cheaper options, Seagate Slim 2TB External HD with USB 3.0 – Blue, which comes in a smaller package and currently retails for $79.99 – Both products have over 4.5/5.0 stars on Amazon.

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Max Sandoval

Founder at Asian Geek Squad
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