2015 Smartphone of the Year – The BlackBerry Priv!


We’re a little late to the party this year. While others such as Engadget and PC World announced their smartphone of the year in December, we’re finally getting to ours now!

The results are in.  Here are the Top 3 smartphones for 2015, as voted by Asian Geek Squad readers.

Some fun facts:

  • The Top 3 phones are Android phones
  • Apple’s highest placing was the iPhone 6S Plus (in 5th place, with 7%) of the votes!
  • OnePlus 2 was in 2nd to last place (maybe next time release without a messed up invite system)

2nd Runner up – Nexus 6P

The 5X and 6P reignited the Nexus line.  With sleek designs, pure Android experience and good price points, both the 5X and 6P were well reviewed.  However, our readers like the 6P better, with its larger screen and better specs, the Nexus 6P as voted 2nd runner up.  It’s smaller sibling, the Nexus 5X came in dead last.


1st Runner up – Moto X Pure Edition

One of my favorite phones of 2015, came in 2nd place.  This is perhaps the best value phone out of the bunch.  Motorola really out did themselves with an affordable price point, starting at $399 (currently on sale for $378.40 on Amazon).  In fact, we even recorded our top 5 reasons to buy the phone!

Winner – BlackBerry Priv

The clear winner is the BlackBerry Priv.  Nearly everyone wrote off BlackBerry.  I loved the BlackBerry Passport, but it was missing some key apps to make it my daily driver.  With the BlackBerry Priv, we get the best of both worlds: Android and a keyboard.

However, this does leave some key questions.  Will future BlackBerry devices run BlackBerry 10 or Android?  Will we get a BlackBerry Passport running Android?

The BlackBerry Priv packs many features that most flagship phones are missing.  Expandable storage, unlike the Moto X Pure Edition (which expands to 128GB), the Priv can take up to a 2TB microSD card.  Wireless charging and Quick Charging – Check!  The keyboard?  You know its the best!  Navigating websites, typing out messages isn’t an issue with the technology behind the keyboard.

Congratulations to the BlackBerry Priv, chosen by Asian Geek Squad readers – as your best smartphone in 2015!

If you’re really curious how the vote stacked, we’ve attached a screenshot of the total vote.Final Vote

What do you think?  Did the BlackBerry Priv deserve to win?  What is your favorite smartphone of 2015?  Tweet us @AsianGeekSquad!




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