Putting Nintendo on a smartphone.


With recent news that Nintendo will publish 5 games for mobile devices by 2017, I am quite excited about the possibilities.

Finding a balance that will not alienate Nintendo 3DS users from gaming on their handhelds, while courting new casual gamers with more than a Nintendo “skin” game without diminishing the Nintendo brand is not going to be easy feat.

Worst case scenario: Nintendo “skin” game

Perhaps, the worst case scenario for the first Nintendo game, is to take an existing game (such as Puzzle and Dragons) and overlay it with everything Nintendo.  As opposed to the different icons, everything will be familiar icons from mushrooms, stars, flowers and characters will be of course everything from Goombas, Charmander to Kirby.

pZ and dragons

Puzzle and Dragons (+ Mario)

Best case scenario: though not likely.

Imaging a full fledge game, one that takes up 3-4GB on your smartphone (that makes you complain about the lack of expandable storage – looking at you Galaxy S6).  Perhaps a mini-Zelda RPG adventure (without add on purchases), or the newest Pokemon game (you know, the one that cost $39.99!).  While most 3DS (and its variants) wouldn’t want to play this on a mobile device, many people are hindered by the $200 cost of a new Nintendo 3DS XL (available on Amazon).

Nintendo + smartphone

Most likely scenario: Taking the best of both worlds.

Though Nintendo recently posted profits for the first time in four years (congrats, by the way!).  The main focus will be on mobile gaming AND profits!

Nintendo and their partner DeNa (which you’ve probably played a couple of their games already!) will more than likely go alone the lines of a defense game, trading card, or puzzle game.

Screen Shot 2015-05-08 at 5.17.15 PM

Four of many DeNA games!

While these types of games will not satisfy hard core console gamers, which is exactly the point, to tap into smartphone gamers and their wallets.

What do you wish for in a Nintendo game?




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