128GB SanDisk Ultra Fit USB 3.0 Flash Drive for $28.99!


Years ago – who would have thought you’d be able to buy a 128GB thumb drive for $28.99?  I still recall my first storage it was on an old Nokia phone and it was 16MB.

Fast forward decades later, storage is cheap, but sometimes you need a little bit extra, whether on your Surface Pro, MacBook Air, Chromebook or most portable devices.   You can you this 128GB USB 3.0 from SanDisk for just $28.99.  It will also work for USB 2.0, but it will transfer data at slower speeds.

The little device will fit almost flush, the black rubber part will stick out a little bit from your device.  Perfect, if you don’t need to move data too much from one device to another, you can just leave it attached to your laptop.


Get the 128GB SanDisk Flash Drive on Amazon!

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