Battlefield Hardline – Xbox One or PS4 – $39.99


One of the things we love here at Asian Geek Squad is a deal and this game considering it was released about 2 weeks ago, is a steal at $39.99

We are talking about Battlefield Hardline.  This game received a 8.0/10.0 from IGN and a 7.0 from Gamespot, with that said I probably wouldn’t get a game with pretty good scores at full prices, unless I really wanted to play it, but for $39.99 – this is a steal.

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Both Amazon and Best Buy are offering these games for $39.99 for the newgen platforms (links below), Target is also having a Buy 1 get 1 50% off – in case you’re planning to get more than one game – in case you’re wondering, Hardline is $59.99 at Target (no double dipping for you, kind sir.).

With a 7 hour campaign more, the game is as fun shooting everything in sight or playing stealth and arresting the bard guys one by one.  For $39.99, are you in?

Battlefield Hardline – PS4 – Amazon

Battlefield Hardline – Xbox One – Amazon

Battlefield Hardline – PS4 – Best Buy

Battlefield Hardline – Xbox One – Best Buy




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