iPhone 6 cases under $6!


Thanks to Slicoo, who have put their phone cases on sale, now you can get a selection of iPhone 6 cases for under $6.

Make sure you use the corresponding code and click on the link provided.

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Slicoo Dual-layer iPhone 6 Case for $5.99 with coupon code G6YP7YMV.  This case comes in 7 different colors: black, blue, gold, green, pink, silver and yellow.

Slicoo iPhone 6 Protective Case for $5.99 with coupon code 765LQLAS.  This case comes in 3 colors: blue, green and red.

If you’re a minimalist, like I am when it comes to phone cases, you should try out the Slicoo Metal Buckle iPhone 6 Slim Case  for $5.99 with code KF4BJTVS.  They come in gold and silver to match your iPhone 6.

If you need more protection, buy the Slicoo Dual-layer Protection iPhone 6 Cover Case for $5.99 with coupon code FFHBRINN.

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