PNY 128GB Turbo Flash Drive USB 3.0 – $34.99


Remember when you spent $40 on a 1GB on a thumb drive? Actually, I wonder how many people remember having a Nokia phone and having a 32MB SD card.

Well, now its 2015 and storage not only get cheaper, but you get more for your buck as well.

For a limited time, Tiger Direct and Amazon both have the PNY 128GB Turbo Flash Drive, the 128GB version on sale for $34.99, both with free shipping!

The item has 4.5 stars from both Tiger Direct and Amazon!


For Tiger Direct, you’ll need code CVJ151222 and Amazon has the sale price on it’s website.

Might be time to consolidate all of my thumbs drives!

Ready to buy it now? Click on  Amazon or Tiger Direct to head to the item directly!




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