Samsung 4TB USB 3.0 External HD – $99.99


Considering that we now take more photos, with more pixels, consume more HD media, upgrading your current back-up drive might be the time.

For a limited time, Newegg via eBay is offering a 4TB HD – USB 3.0 for $99.99 – that’s right!  Free shipping within the US!

What can 4TB store? Well, about 66,000+ hours of music or 1,280,000+ high resolution photos (will vary based on size of files).  Needless to say it is a lot, considering most laptops have 256GB (roughly 1/16 of 4TB).

Samsung 4.0

This item has 4.5/5.0 stars on Amazon and currently costs $149.99 on their site.

Is 4TB enough for you?

Click here to buy it now!

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