Spigen iPhone 6 and 6 Plus cases 60% off!


Some people say, “you get what you paid for”.

Here at Asian Geek Squad, we like having nice things and we don’t always pay full price!  For a limited time, the following Spigen iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus cases are up to 60% from Amazon.  When using these codes, make sure the items are Sold By Spigen Inc.

NOTE: Don’t forget to enter our LG G4 International Giveaway!

Apple iPhone 6:

A) Spigen Aluminum Fit Case for $8.00 with code KJMVHROM and comes in different colors: mint, Aluminum Fit Space Gray, Aluminum Fit Satin Silver, Aluminum Fit Metal Slate, and Aluminum Fit Champagne Gold.
B) Spigen Bumper Case for $7.00 with code MJ4F85DD!
C) Spigen Capella Case for $9.00 with code R2BB9TIM, comes in 3 different colors: Capella Shimmery White, Capella Mint, and Capella Azalea Pink.
D) Spigen Neo Hybrid Ex Case for $9.00 with code B2K3YU7K, comes in 4 different colors: Satin Silver, Infinity White, Gunmetal, and Dante Red.

Apple iPhone 6 Plus:

BONUS: Anker Glass Protector for iPhone 6 Plus, $2.80 with code ANK60OFF.

E) Spigen Capella Case for $9.00 with code S4VRCKSY, similar to the iPhone 6, comes in many different colors, some costing $1-2 more.
F) Spigen Thin Fit Series for $7.00 with code 9BFQKTRG, only in Metal Slate color.
G) Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for $10.00 with code 9FX2WF3D, only in Metal Slate.
H) Spigen Neo Hybrid EX Bumper for $12.00 with code 476O7SQ7, comes in different colors: Capella Shimmery White, Capella Mint, and Capella Lemon Yellow.

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