Blu Studio 6.0 HD – Best Phablet at $150!


We’ve received requests to review the BLU Studio 6.0 HD Smartphone, so here it is, our full review!  For less than $150, currently $141.38, you get a phablet smartphone, considering high end smartphones cost 5-6 that amount retail, our expectations of this gadget wasn’t very high, but we’re pleasantly surprised that this phone can do pretty much everything most people need a smartphone to do.


6.0 inch display (720 x 1280)
8.0MP rear camera and 2.0MP front camera
1080p video recording at 30fps
Quad-core 1.3 Ghz CPU
8GB of onboard storage (expandable with a microSD up to 32GB)
Dual SIM!
3,000mAh battery

BLU Studio 6.0 HD Smartphone also packs all the bands in the US, 850/1700/1900 or 850/1900/2100, so you can use it with AT&T, T-Mobile, MetroPCS and their prepaid variants (Cricket, Straight Talk and more)!

Gallery (with comparison shots to Samsung Galaxy Note 4)

Camera (sample pictures)

The camera is decent and works best in day light, it takes great still photos as well!  However, if you’re going to take pictures of people and moving objects, you’ll have to stay still (and so will the people that you’re taking a picture of!)


This phone does slow down a little bit with multiple graphic intensive apps open, but it didn’t have a problem running any of the games that I played (Kingdom Rush, Hearthstone) and any of the media apps I use, Google Play Movies.  I did experience some slow down, but if you close all of the open apps before running Hulu or Netflix, this will work great!

For $150, its a smartphone and a tablet.  The display might not be as high-res as the rest of the market, but BLU Studio 6.0 HD Smartphone is one phablet.




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