REVIEW – Nokia Lumia 830 – Terrapin Case


Here at Asian Geek Squad, we’re a fan of getting deals, but sometimes you want something that will protect your investment.

Today, we review Terrapin Slim Fit case for the Nokia Lumia 830.

Screen Shot 2015-03-13 at 2.06.53 PM

The case comes in a very simple plastic wrap.  First impressions, the case is very flexible, gave me the impression that it wouldn’t fit snug with the phone, but I was wrong.


The case wraps and protects the phone quite well, there is enough thickness around the phone.

Also, the ports are easily accessible.  One downside is that the buttons became harder to press, though I’m sure with more use it may get slightly easier.

Decision:  Buy – though the cover will probably not last more than a year – specially if you need to take out your battery often or replace your SD card, or SIM.

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