Trivia Crack – it’s addicting.


What makes Trivia Crack awesome?

First, it is available on almost all devices: iPhones, iPads, Android devices (2.3.3 and higher), Android tablets, Windows Phones, and even Blackberry OS 10 via the Amazon app store.

The premise is simple answering different questions from six different categories: Science, Entertainment, Art, Geography, Sports and History.

Toss in two game modes, Classic – where you must obtain 6 icons (representing each category) or Challenge – answering a series of 12 questions as fast as possible.  If there is a tie in the number of questions – the fastest time determines the winner.


Logging into your FaceBook account will also give you access to all of your friends playing the game – you can challenge them directly or create a challenge (up to 30 people!).

What are you waiting for? Download this free game!

The app comes in 2 different versions: free with ads, and $2.99 without ads.

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What do you think of Trivia Crack?  Are you already playing the game?





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