10 Coolest Must-Have Tech Gifts!


Alright, we wrote about the Top 10 tech gifts under $35, now its time for the fun part.  Top 10 COOLEST must have tech-gifts.  This is the kind of stuff I wished I had underneath my tree come Christmas.  Nudge nudge, wink wink.

Microsoft Hololens

Seriously, if this is the future of gaming, we all have a lot to look forward to.  On the video you can skip to 2:00, where the demo starts.  The craziest part is Microsoft Hololens will be available for purchase soon, but currently pre-orders are for developers.  Did I mention its $3,000?

Polaroid Cube HD

This little cube is just so awesome.  Think of a GoPro, shrink it, and make it into a cube and you get the Polaroid Cube HD.

Waterproof?  Check.  Shoots in HD?  Check.  Affordable?  Only $99.  Oh yeah, you can get 90 minutes of recording in this tiny package.  If you have someone in your family who likes to record videos, this little gadget might be the best present ever.


What do you get someone who has it all?  Something complete unique!  This fold-able book is also a LED lamp.  It’s closes like a book, and opens up 360 degrees – providing awesome lighting.  Did I mention its rechargeable via USB port?


Escort Max 360 Radar Detector

If you know someone who has a fast car or just likes to put the pedal to the metal, you might want to consider buying that person an Escort Max 360.  Cops have upped their technology in getting around radars, but this one (if you’re planning to get one) makes their technology last year’s news.  Directional alert arrows alerts you to where the threat is coming from.  With dual antenna front + rear detection, the Escort Max 360 coupled with GPS-powered AutoLearn technology will remove out the false alarms and trigger when you need to slow down.

Escort Max2

Microsoft Surface Book

Move over Apple, the must have book of this holiday season is no longer the MacBook Pro.  Welcome the new King, the Surface Book by Microsoft.  The Surface Book took everyone by surprise when Microsoft announced the Surface Pro 4.  This “laptop” works perfectly in laptop mode, but can also be separated and work as a standalone tablet.

Apple Watch Sport in Rose Gold

The MacBook Pro might be looking a little stale, but Apple has another arsenal in its pack that has the cool factor – the Apple Watch.  The new Rose Gold Color is the must have color for the must have watch this holiday season.  Note: you must own an new iPhone to use this device.


Nexus 6P

Our Android pick this season is none other than the Nexus 6P.  The stock android phone, not only runs the pure Android experience, but has one the best hardware around to match the software.  A 5.7 inch WQHD (2560 x 1440) AMOLED display at 518 ppi greets you with one of the best displays on the market, along with a 8MP front facing camera.  This Android device comes in three different colors and in 3 different storage sizes, all the way up to 128GB.  If you need a new Android phone – check this one out!


Amazon Echo

Imagine Siri, Cortana or Google Now on your phone.  Imagine having that AI around the house to help you you information or to entertain you.  Well, here is Alexa, built into the Amazon Echo, who can pretty much do anything: set alarms, answer sports questions, play audiobooks, check your calendar, ask for traffic, and TONS more!  You know when people put up their phones to dictate something, with the Amazon Echo, you do not have to be next to it for Alexa to respond.  #seriously


ASUS ZenBook

The 3rd book on this list is the ASUS ZenBook.  While the Surface Book is great, this one is the more affordable, yet still slick version of the MacBook Air.  Currently priced at $749, this is a realistic present under my Christmas tree.  ASUS managed to pack in a sleek design, a 256GB SSD, Intel i5 processor and a HD screen to boot.  Oh yeah, there’s also a 10 hour battery life.


Out of our top 10 coolest tech gifts, which one would you like to see under your Christmas tree this holiday season? Tweet us @AsianGeekSquad.




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