Original Microsoft Band now $99.99


Now that the 2nd iteration of the Microsoft Band has been announced and available for pre-order, you know what that means – a price drop on the older models.

The first generation model of the Microsoft Band is now available at Best Buy (as well as Best Buy via eBay) for $99.99.

Purchase Microsoft Band at BestBuy.com


The Microsoft Band is compatible with Android, iOS and Windows Phone devices – sorry BlackBerry owners.

The first generation Band packs many features similar to the newer model; such as, tracking your sleep, your run via GPS, even getting notifications from your phone; such as text messages and phone calls.  Though not all features are compatible with all devices, for example, you will not be able to reply to a text message with your iPhone.


What do you think?  Tweet us @AsianGeekSquad.  Older generation devices might not pack the most sensors, the longest battery life, but for some people that’s sufficient – especially for a $99.99 price point, over half of its newer cousin coming out later this month at $249.99.




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