iPhone 6 Plus First Impression: Awesome!


This reveal is obviously a few months late, but I was incredibly excited to do this video once I upgrade to the iPhone 6 Plus.

iPhone on Box Upright

There are a few things I’d like to quickly mention for you who are considering upgrading or just looking for a new phone.

First, iPhone’s in general make it really easy to sync all your information and accounts. I, especially, love being able to put my Google Calendar in my notification bar, which can be accessed without unlocking the phone. Also, the large screen size may be inappropriate for some people, but being able to comfortably access and see all of your favorite apps is great! I love that I can edit scripts on Microsoft Word, for free, while traveling to and from class.RevealCALendar

Second, Apple has finally broken through the barrier of an all day charge. The iPhone 6 Plus is equipped with a 2915mA battery that, even when rigorously tested by me, lasted almost 8 hours of use (Instragram, 6 hours of Spotify, Twitter, messaging, web surfing, YouTube, etc.) and it had almost 12 hours of standby on top of that. I bet you can’t guess what was left on the battery. I was thoroughly surprised when I looked and saw that 32% still remained. Outstanding.


Third, in my opinion, the design of the iPhone 6’s is the best yet. I can’t remember an iPhone that just looked this good. There was a lot of good hype when the 4’s and 5’s came out, but considering how pumped people were at getting the latest 6 and loving it kind of proves that Apple is still rocking the best looking mobile phone. I will admit that the 6 Plus is a little large in your hand; it is without a doubt a two-hand device.


Well guys, and gals, If you are considering an upgrade or purchasing a new phone, I highly recommend the 16GB 6 Plus. There isn’t much reason to ever get a phone that is larger than 16GB, because cloud storage and online access is so fast and easily accessible today that I just can’t find any justification in spending the extra money for 64GB, especially when Google offers 100GB of cloud storage for $20 a year.


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