BB Passport: Day 5 – Must have Android apps


While I am in love with my Blackberry Passport, there are some things that could improve, and one of those things is the app selection.  Fortunately, now there are ways to download Android apps (though not all of them).

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Firefox.  I love this browser, you can select your search engine, searching privately is easy and you can sync your settings and bookmarks with the Firefox on your desktop.

Amazon Music – if you have Amazon prime, this is a great choice, you can upload your library online and stream new music for free – though its a limited selection, its a free service – so why not?

Spotify – this is my personal streaming app of choice and hey you get 60 days free!  So try it out!

IM:  Google Hangouts will not work with BB Passport, but you have many other options.
BBM – the built in IM which is now available with all the different OS has a growing following and for good reason, its easy to use and secured.

Whatsapp – I personally love this, now that we can use it on a browser. I work a lot on the computer, so this is a great choice.

Viber – is a great option, because it is usable with iOS (iPhone), Android, Blackberry and Windows Phone – great right?

Social Media:
iGrann – the Instagram alternative is a great (and perhaps only) option, the layout could be modernized but it works quite well.

Pinterest – this is self-explanatory, though posting isn’t as streamlined as in Android devices, this is still an awesome app!

Fitbit – if you’re a fitbit user – lucky you – you’ll have no problem using the fitbit app to sync your device!

Do you have any questions on any Android compatible apps for Blackberry? Contact us on social media!

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