Factory Reset your LG G3


Today, we go over two different ways of factory resetting your LG G3.

Personally, I suggest performing both ways to ensure that your device is squeaky clean (data wise).

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If you’re a visual learner, we have included an embedded video as well.

First Method:

Go to Settings> Backup & Reset > Factory Data Reset > Enter your knock code or PIN > confirm deletion > wait patiently.

Second Method:

  • Make sure your device is powered off.
  • Hold both power and volume down buttons
  • Once the LG appears on the screen, let go of the power button and hold it again
  • Once the prompt appears, let both buttons go.
  • Press the volume down button, then the power button to confirm deletion.
  • Repeat, press the volume down button, then the power button to confirm deletion.
  • Wait patiently

If your battery is low, you may want to plug it in while performing these reset procedures.

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