Upgrade to Windows Phone 10


If you’ve ready to take the plunge and try Windows Phone 10, sign up for the Windows 10 Technical Preview.

Just follow the steps, and if you have any questions, message us on social media @asiangeeksquad!  Upgrading will take about 30 minutes!!!

1) Sign up for the Windows Insider Program.

Note: Make sure your phone is eligible.  Click here to see any updates to supported phones!

Screen Shot 2015-04-14 at 9.55.50 AM


2) Download the app.

3) Open app and sign in with your account.

4) Tap on get preview builds.  You will have two options, slow and fast.  Slow is better if you’re not use to too much tinkering with your phone and if you are worried about certain functions not working.  Fast is better if you want to get the newest features, though there maybe bugs.

If you need a walk through, don’t forget to check out our video!




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