iForway Portable Power Station (41,600mAh capacity)


Today, we reviewed the iForway PS105N 160W Portable Power Station.

What’s in the box:

1- Portable power station
1- Wall adapter
2- USB cables (1 USB-C and 1 USB-A to USB-C cable)
1- User manual


  • The power station is quiet. You won’t hear any noises while charging.
  • Provides 41,600mAh to your connected devices. So I could fully charge my Pixel 5 about 10 times, my iPad Pro about four times, and my MacBook Pro about three times.
  • It has several ports so you can charge multiple devices all at once.
  • Great for use when travelling, camping, or in case of an emergency such as a power outage.
  • Warranty is good for one year.
  • If you use a CPAP machine, the company wanted to focus on improving this portable power station for you. So in case of emergency, they made sure this power station will keep your machine running for 3-4 nights. It also works with all CPAP, BiPAP and APAP machines. 


  • It is heavy, weighing in at 3.97 lbs. However, for the amount of power and charging you will get out of this, this will definitely be worth it.

So, if you like what you’ve seen so far, please check out iForway’s link and our unboxing/review video. Let us know what you think in the comments and thanks for reading!




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