Traveling to Hawai’i during COVID-19: Everything you need to know


Ready to lay on the beach? Here is everything you need to know to travel to Hawai’i during COVID-19.

I am documenting my travels back home to Hawaii this year in hopes of helping you with your own travel plans in the future.

So are you ready to get away with me for a few weeks? Here’s just a preview of things you’ll see:

It has been quite some time since I wrote anything travel related, but with so many friends and family asking me about traveling for 2021 – I thought I’d just put a little article together with all of the COVID related travel information – and also some extra tips!

Hawai’i is officially open to travelers.  However, there are some steps and precautions you have to take to make sure you and your family are safe for your journey here to Hawai’i and also while you stay here.

Yes, COVID tests are required (we’ll get into specifics in a bit).
Yes, masks are still required when you get here.
Yes, social distancing whenever you can once you get here. 


Before you schedule your flight for Hawai’i, go to the state website ( for any news and updates concerning COVID-19 travel.

Oahu island currently has a criteria, divided into four tiers, for reopening businesses during the COVID-19 era. This tier will affect you and the things you can do here during your stay. As of February, the island has loosened some restrictions is currently at Tier 3. You can find a more detailed version of this list on the state website (

The state rules may have changed since writing this, so please make sure to review the rules on their websites mentioned above.

  1. I flew from Los Angeles (LAX) to Honolulu (HNL) on 17 February. As of February, here are the rules I followed for COVID testing:
    • From a Trusted Testing and Travel Partner (see list of approved companies here:
    • Results must be received (within 72 hours of departure) prior to boarding on your last leg to Hawai’i.
    • Travelers arriving WITHOUT a confirmed negative COVID-19 test are subject to a mandatory 10-day quarantine.
  1. Once you’ve scheduled your flight, register for an account on the state travel portal by logging on Click and complete the following:
    • Trips
    • Health Questionnaire (keep a copy of QR code after completed)
    • Documents: Upload COVID test results here once received.


  1. Make sure you have a copy of your QR code and COVID-19 test results ready and available to be shown at airport security.
  2. Once you exit the plane, you will be asked to show security the QR code on your mobile phone (or printed) from your Health Questionnaire.
  3. Then they will guide you to the COVID security booths where they will check your identification and ensure you have a copy of your negative COVID test results uploaded on the state travel portal or printed out.
  4. Once you clear security, pick up your bags from the baggage terminal and make your way to your destination.
  5. Now, you are required to complete the following everyday for 10 days on the same state travel portal (even if you have tested negative):

***If you plan to visit other islands from here, please check for information on the state travel website for updated rules: ****

Hope that all helps! Now it’s time for the fun part. Time to explore and upload some videos on top things to do in Hawai’i.

We’ll keep you posted, so don’t forget to subscribe. Mahalo and thanks for reading!




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